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CANDY Rapido RO1694DWMCE WiFi-enabled 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine - White, White

Control your washing machine with your phoneWith the Candy Rapido RO1694DWMCE WiFi-enabled 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine, you dont have to adjust your daily activities to your laundry. Download the Candy Simply Fi app and easily control washing cycles from your phone.Easy ironingThe steam function of the washing machine makes the fibres of your garments softer and refreshed, so you won't have to struggle as much when ironing.KG modeThe KG mode will automatically weigh the contents of your washing and set the right time and power for your load. This means you never really have to do any of the hard work and the machine will sort it for you.Quick washingOn a busy day, use the quick washing program that cleans 1.5 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. And what's more, you can quickly regulate the start of the washing process and delay it as it suits you.