About DealFeed

Deal Feed is a simple site that helps connect customers and retailers with the latest in money saving offers, discount codes, latest products & services, competitions and more. Deal Feed provides customers with more of what they want from retailers, while helping retailers reach out to their customers with great offers.

Deal Feed is a new kind of website that connects retailers and customers into a long lasting relationship that keeps customers happy. Retailers feed customers with their latest products, money saving offers, discount codes, competitions and deals and customers in turn become more loyal while purchasing more of the products that improve their lives. We at Deal Feed aim to bridge the gap so retailers and customers are more connected and in touch with each other to keep customer relationships thriving, now and well into the future.

We strive to give all visitors the best possible deals so we can save them money and also allow them to buy more of the products & services they love.

We strive to give all retailers a dedicated following of new and existing customers with an aim to increase average order value & order frequency through special offers, product awareness, brand loyalty, customer interaction and generally happy customers that order again and again.

Thank you for using our website.

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