AO Oil Filled Radiators at Tesco, Screwfix, ASDA, Currys, Toolstation, Argos, Amazon, Wickes June 2022


Oil Filled Radiators, commonly used in domestic or office environments are a great way to provide much needed heat when it's cold. They are electrically powered which in turn, heats the oil and provides the heat. They have a range of features such as variable heat settings and thermostat control will help to keep the room at a temperature to suit you.

Oil Filled Radiators offer a quick way to heat up any room, with a choice of temperature settings and overheat protection to keep you safe. All of our oil-filled radiators have wheels at the base for easy manoeuvrability and come in a range of classic and tasteful colours that are an easy match for your home decor.

Do Oil Filled Radiators need maintenance?

Oil filled radiators are maintenance free and require no servicing. This means they are hassle-free and a great alternative to gas central heating.

Are oil filled radiators cheap to run?

Put simply, electric heaters (including oil filled radiators) are not cheap to run compared to gas central heating, but they are a good option if you need localized heating that you can move around and control easily.

For a quick example of costs, a 1KW oiled filled radiator on full power for 1 hour will cost whatever your per KW hour rate is for your electricity (you can find this on your bill). So a 1000W oil filled radiator will costs around £0.13 to £0.20 per hour if constantly heating at full power.

Oil Filled Radiator vs Fan Heaters

First off, a 1KW Oil Filled Radiator and a 1KW Fan Heater are pretty much the same in terms of efficiency with oil filled radiators winning by a small margin as they are not converting electrical energy into noise from a fan (but this is so tiny like £0.01 per year if that). It all depends on the features they both provide.

If you want instant heat that moves around the room, then a fan heater is what you need. Sadly the heat quickly disappears once you turn it off. They are also not as safe as oil filled radiators (you need to give them more room) and they do produce quite a bit of noise.

If you're looking for a safer option but much slower, an oil filled radiator is perfect and does retain a good amount of heat when not on. They are also silent in operation and require no maintenance and not much smell (if you get the dust off them). You can also keep them stored more safely if you have less room.

Sadly oil filled radiators are much heavier than fan heaters because of the heating element, the oil and wheels etc.