Best Baby Monitors at Argos

Published: 19th of July 2019

AUTHOR: Gordon McNevin

Gordon McNevin LOVES to review things and then shares his findings with the world. With his straight to the point style he's ready to deliver quick and helpful advice on everything he uses.

A new born baby can be the most exciting, yet worrying time of any parents life - none more so than at bedtime.

If you’ve had a busy day and finally got your loved one to sleep, the last thing you need is to be worrying about how well they are sleeping, if they are upset or even if they are warm enough. This is why a baby monitor or listening system is the must have tool for any parent. There’s no need to break the bank if you don’t want to and Argos have a range to choose from.

At dealfeed, we’ve chosen 5 baby monitors from a range of prices so you can make a decision based on your budget, so let’s jump straight in.

There’s a range of quality baby monitors in this area, but you have to be realistic about the level of technology you will get at this price point. Most baby monitors under £50 could be classed as listening devices or audio monitors, as this is pretty much their purpose.

Motorola MBP50 Baby Video Monitor

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Review: My last monitor was dreadful - the picture was fuzzy, the battery went, it made the most annoying noise as the battery died. This product, however, is amazing! Clear, focused picture, the ability to move the camera is a Godsend! Being able to talk to the baby if he stirs is so helpful and reassuring. Plus the sound is so good, if it’s turned to full, I can hear his breathing. The battery lasts for ages, through a full evening, it only drops one battery level. I wish I’d bought this months ago!

Review: Purchased as a replacement for an older model, in the main this is a good product for the price. There is an occasional lag on the picture but otherwise the screen is an excellent size, the sound quality is great and very sensitive and the camera comes with a long wire allowing for convenient placement.

Review: Great baby monitor we got for our toddler as she took sick and was great to keep an eye on her when she was in bed.. would definitely recommend.. pic is perfect sound is unreal and great as you can move the camera about to follow her as she moves around the bed would give it 10 ⭐ if I could

BT Digital BM400 Audio Baby Monitor at Argos

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Review: Brought this because it was a bt make. Easy to set up just plug in, turn on and wait for the solid lights. I brought batteries that it recommended, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM! As it comes with rechargeable batteries so can have the receiver no matter what room you are in.

Review: Works really well in old house with thick walls, glad I read other reviews of this product

Review: We use this every day and so far we are very pleased with it. Nice size and good quality . Our daughter comes through it very clear when she wakes up and makes a sound. Good price and a decent brand. Overall it's a good buy.

Motorola MBP7 Baby Monitor

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Review: Such a straightforward piece of kit. Just plug in and go!

Review: Really good baby monitor with great reception. It’s only one way though, so can’t talk back to baby using it. But this doesn’t bother me. Easy to use and a great price.

Review: Represents good value.simple sturdy construction.plug in and go.sensitive microphone gives clear sound and very little background noise when monitoring. Bought to monitor elderly relative who stayed with us for a while after having a fall.

Motorola MBP482 Baby Video Monitor

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With a 2.4” diagonal colour screen, the next level in mayoral baby monitors really does provide a lot for under £60. With all the usual things you would expect such as high sensitive microphone, clear audio sound and a digital signal, the Motorola MBP482 also has a room temperature display and inferred night vision so you can still see your baby when all the lights are out. As the first monitor on our list with an actual camera, including zoom function, it’s hard to find a baby monitor that will give you all of this at such a great price.

Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Mat Monitor

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The Tommee Tippee name is usually associated and widely known when it comes to quality bottles and baby milk preparation, but with the Sensor Pad monitor, they have created a simple to use product that provides everything you could ask for and best of all, at a price that is very reasonable given the array of features and accessories you get here. Priced at just £89.99, you get the unique sensor pad, which sits underneath the baby’s mattress. This sends out a alarm to the monitor if no movement is detected for 20 seconds, which is a really useful tool for newborns. However, as your child grows older, if you choose not to use the sensor pad, the monitor and camera can still be used separately to provide long term reassurance. The monitor itself has a backlight to provide night lighting if needed and also a talk-back feature which allows you to speak or soothe your child from wherever you are in the house without the need for you to actually go into the room if your child just becomes unsettled in the night. There is also a sound indicator level, rechargeable docking station for the monitor and a room temperature display on the monitors LCD screen.

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

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Our final product was voted the Gold award by LovedByParents website for the best video monitor in 2017. While the most expensive of the baby monitors we’ve listed today, the BT Monitor 6000 really does provide peace of mind to any parent while their baby sleeps. The camera can be remotely adjusted using the monitor meaning you don’t have to go into the room to have a good look round, the room temperature is constantly monitored and the sound level is also fed back to you via lights on the 5” high resolution screen. As with other models, you also get a two-way communication function that allows you to hear, see and talk to your loved one from another room and there are even 5 different lullabies you can play to help settle baby if they wake. The camera can be wall mounted if required and the info red night vision allows you to see baby in the dark. At £139.99 this monitor will give you compete reassurance and tops our list in terms of price and features.