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Cheap Whey Protein Powder in the UK - We look at the best deals and the cheapest protein

Published: 16th of April 2014


Lot’s of companies claim they offer the best cheap whey protein powder, while other supplement companies claim they offer the cheapest whey protein in the UK. Let’s cut to the chase here because we are going to bring you the cheapest whey protein from the key suppliers in the UK. No fuss, no sugar coating, just good cheap whey protein powder.

We’ve made an even better guide to finding the cheapest whey protein so checkout our cheapest whey protein powder page.

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In this article we’ll take a quick look at what each popular sports nutrition company has to offer and also look at the raw protein content in the whey protein powder they distribute/manufacture. We’re also going to break each product down in terms of price per kilogram, protein percentage per 100g of whey protein etc. We’ll do this so you can easily see which is the cheapest protein powder on the market and also which has the best protein content for your money.

Let’s look at what each company has to offer in terms of cheap whey protein powder.

Pure Whey Protein – Bulk Powders

Best Price Per 1 Kg: £9.35 (Unflavoured) – £11.43 (Flavoured)
Protein Content Per 100g: 80g (Unflavoured) – 77.2g (Flavoured)

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bulk powders

First in the list we have a product called Pure Whey Protein from Bulk Powders which is their current best selling product along with their key offering for the cheap whey protein powder crown. As you can see by the price, it’s cheap, and it’s packed full of what you need to top up your protein intake after a good gym session. Bulk Powders are constantly on the ball when it comes to trying to offer the best possible price on their cheapest whey protein powder, which is always good for the consumer. You can get this whey protein powder cheaper in combination with a bulk discount (very small saving) and with a Bulk Powders discount code as seen on our dedicated page.

Summary: A very good price for some cheap whey protein. Protein content could be a little higher but at this price isn’t hard to call a major fault.

Go Whey Protein 80 – Go Nutrition

Best Price Per 1 Kg: £9.35 (Unflavoured) – £11.43 (Flavoured)
Protein Content Per 100g: 77.8g (Unflavoured) – 75.4g (Flavoured)

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go nutrition

Next up in the battle for the cheapest whey protein powder in the UK we have a product called Go Whey Protein 80 from Go Nutrition. This product, like many others, has a very similar price and protein content to many others, although the protein content per 100g is on the lower side to the Bulk Powders offering. The flavoured version of this product reduces the protein content from 3% to 6% so we’ve adjusted by 3% in the figures above to give it the best case scenario. With such similar products it probably taste nearly the same as the other unflavoured offerings while we can also bet the mixability of this Whey protein powder will be almost identical. We can’t see any figures for the BCAA profile sadly but it’s probably near the same as offerings from other companies. You can find more great deals on the dedicated Go Nutrition page and the Go Nutrition discount codes page.

Summary: Much the same offering as with other companies, price is great, reviews look great, but protein content per 100g could be a lot better.

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 – Bodybuilding Warehouse

Best Price Per 1 Kg: £11.24 (Unflavoured) – £11.99 (Flavoured)
Protein Content Per 100g: 80.10g (Unflavoured) – 77.69g (Flavoured)

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bodybuilding warehouse

This time for the cheapest protein powder we have a product called Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80 from Bodybuilding Warehouse. Now this product isn’t the cheapest in the list but we’re glad to notice that the price from unflavoured to flavoured isn’t a massive leap, which means they don’t charge a massive amount for flavouring (respect to Bodybuilding Warehouse on this one). Also, the protein content per 100g is a very strong 80.1g which is one of the highest protein contents for a cheap whey protein on this page. Again, good reviews on their website for this product so looks like a safe choice. Sadly, price isn’t very competitive, but their seems to be more to this product then the other offers. Want more then look at our dedicated Bodybuilding Warehouse page along with the Bodybuilding Warehouse discount code page.

Summary: Great amount of protein per 100g, and points goes to the lower price for the flavoured. Shame the price is a lot higher for unflavoured compared to other supplement companies.

Impact Whey Protein – My Protein

Best Price Per 1 Kg: £9.35 (Unflavoured) – £11.43 (Flavoured)
Protein Content Per 100g: 82.0g (Unflavoured) – 79.54g (Flavoured)

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my protein

This product from My Protein is called Impact Whey Protein and is probably the best selling (not always the cheapest) whey protein powder in the UK. On the surface it looks much like the other cheap protein powders in this list, but on further inspection you notice that it has the highest protein content per 100g, a good 1.9g higher than any other protein powder on this page. You also notice the price being the same as many of the others. With the cheapest whey protein powder and a higher protein content, we may have found our winner. It makes sense to price match for your protein, but price can only take you so far. With a higher protein content, and the same price, we can only assume that this is the cheapest whey protein powder in the UK (well, until the prices change again). Keen on more money saving deals from My Protein? Then check out the main >My Protein page and the My Protein discount codes page.

Summary: Great price, highest protein content per 100g. We have found the cheapest whey protein powder. Congratulations to My Protein.

And the winner is…. My Protein with Impact Whey Protein!


Why? Because it’s the same price as the competition BUT it has a whole 1.9g more protein per 100g. This means you get more protein for the price, driving the cost per 1g of whey protein down. Making it the cheapest whey protein powder in the UK.