Review For La Hacienda Colorado Extra Large Steel Chimenea

Published: 16th of May 2019

AUTHOR: Gordon McNevin

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We purchased the La Hacienda Colorado Extra Large Steel Chimenea for our new garden in May 2019 and I've got to say it's been a superb steel chimenea that looks great and performs superbly when the nights get a little colder. With this large chimenea you can spend more time outside in all seasons and stay relatively smoke free due to the tall flue pipe that keeps it from blowing around you.

This extra large chimenea allows lots of air intake when burning any size of logs and this means lots of oxygen for a great amount of heat output. We actually got the best results building the fire as close to the back of the chimenea as possible if you want anything but the biggest fires. This helps manage the output, airflow and maintenance of the log fire.

La Hacienda Colorado Extra Large Steel Chimenea

Assembly was super easy and only took a total of 10 minutes from unpacking all the bits to putting the La Hacienda chimenea together. You only need a cross-head screwdiver and something to hold the nuts in place when tightening. Once constructed it was very sturdy but heavy so make sure you assemble where you plan to put it. This chimenea also comes with a rugged iron grate that lives at the bottom of the chimenea to help raise the wood for better airflow.

Once constructed this La Hacienda Colorado Extra Large Steel Chimenea looks superb with a black painted finish and chrome like top.

La Hacienda Colorado Extra Large Steel Chimenea

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Building the bundle of firestarters, kindling and logs was really easy because the front is so big you can actually use two arms to insert and build the fire. Very easy to light once ready and also super simple to place more fuel in later.

It's not a perfect chimenea, and here are some things I've noticed.

Due to the large opening you do get some smoke leakage at the front. Only a little and not a deal breaker I must say.

Also, due to the size of the chimenea, it really eat wood fast and outputs a lot of heat. It would be nice if we could limit the amount of air intake to slow down the burning. I'm just nit picking now but would be nice.

Overall I'll give this a good 4 out of 5 as it performs really well, very easy to construct, and looks superb in your outside space or garden.