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The Secret Pricing Codes of Top Retailers

Published: 13th of June 2014

Recently on a blog we follow called Rather Be Shopping, we came across a very interesting article on the secret prices that some companies add to their products that lets the company know what kind of offer is on it. Kyle James in the US has started to compile a list of big retailers and the prices they use to identify sale, clearance and other discounted products.

That’s great, I hear you say, but what about retailers in the UK? Well that is where we need your help! We want to help UK customers of big retailers by making a list of our own so we REALLY know when we are getting the best possible deal.

These prices come in handy when you’re unsure you’re getting the best deal. Depending on the store and what the price ends with, you could be getting a slightly or much better price if you wait. Or, the price could reflect that it’s the best possible price from that store. Sure, sometimes the products sell out if they are clearance, but other times the get reduced even further and you get a fantastic price.

Here is a video of Kyle explaining this in more detail…

We need your help to get this to UK customers!

Are you an employee of a large UK retailer and know about their pricing codes? Have you stumbled across this pricing system and know something about it? If so we’d love to hear from you. Simply get in contact with us and we’ll start to make a great list and help UK consumers to get a better deal.

Thank you for your support!