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Upcycling - The New Way To Save Money

Published: 3rd of September 2014

Whether you’re talking about fashion, home ware or accessories we’re in a lucky position that shabby chic is on trend. This is great news because it means that if you’re a little creative you can easily turn retro items into modern inventions, which is usually a lot cheaper than buying something new. Of course you also have the added bonus that using items you already have and improving the way they look helps the environment which is something that many of us should be more conscious of.

Upcycling is the process of taking something old and changing the way it looks so it has a modern twist. If you look online you’ll see that there are lots of different upcycling blogs and guides online which means that going down this route of creating something special should be easy.


One thing that tends to come back around time and time again is retro clothing. We’re all used to seeing clothing trends pass quickly and new trends come into play. However what we’re also used to is seeing retro trends and old styles of clothing come back into fashion. This is great news because it means that if you have older clothing in the back of your wardrobe you can easily dig them out and be at the height of fashion – without spending a penny!

On top of that it is really easy to give clothing a modern twist by making little changes. You can buy embellishments and stick them onto different places, wear a dress with a belt even if it wasn’t meant to be or use methods to rip jeans and give them a worn in look. All of these are great ways to upcycle clothing and give you a brand new look without having to spend much money.


Accessories are generally affordable, especially if you look at statement jewellery and buying fashion jewellery on the high street.

The good news is that you can quite easily buy different items, mix and match them and create different items. If you want to upcycle accessories and jewellery then you can easily turn necklace charms into brooches, use broken charms to create new bracelets and so much more. If items are broken then you can easily fix them, buy new chains on eBay very cheap, new clasps or even glue just to fix smaller items if they have been broken and look like they could be easily repaired.


For 2014/2015 shabby chic and retro furniture is well on top of the must have list for many people, in fact traditional furniture like this is at the height of fashion. One of the first things you can do is see if you have any old furniture that has been knocking around being unused. If these are good enough to be used as they are then that is all good. If it needs a little work then there are lots of ways that you can do this – sand down and re-varnish wood, add material to draws to brighten them up a little bit or paint a pattern onto things.

All of these are really easily done and cost a fraction of the price that buying something new would. If you don’t have any old furniture around the house you can ask relatives but if this doesn’t work then why not check charity shops and second hand stores? People tend to get rid of furniture without realising that they can actually make use of it, so shopping in this way could help you pick up a bargain.

Home Ware

If you have art work that you want to display in your home then buying a brand new frame can be expensive. It can be a good option to look for older (usually wooden) frames as these often work out cheaper. You can get even more of a bargain if you pick up a frame that is broken or at least a little worn. These can be fantastic DIY crafting projects to sink your teeth into. Wood is great for sanding down and treating – you can even use paint to create a frame that looks completely different to the one you started with. Art work never goes out of fashion and this way of giving frames a fresh look helps to make sure that you can have art work displayed in your home as cheaply as possible.

If you’re looking for retro items on a budget then have a look through the different categories that we have here on DealFeed. We have broken everything down into different categories so that finding retailers that can help should be hassle free.