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Ways To Save Money on Your Camping Holiday

Published: 11th of August 2014

It is not exactly a shocking revelation that staying within the UK could save you money, however if you are not careful then the cost of your holiday could spiral. If you are really on a budget then camping can be a great way to holiday without spending too much money. These tips will help you enjoy your holiday for less, but still have a great time!

Camp in Packs

Unlike hotel rooms, it is really up to you how many people you have in one camping space. When you go camping you can choose to go in tents, glamping pods or yurts – each of which have their own range of products you can go for in different sizes. What you will generally find is that these have much more space that advertise on the pack, so you can fit in more people and save money. Whilst no one wants to be squashed up too much while they’re sleeping, being snug can really help!

When you do all stay in one accommodation you can save lots of money and of course you have the added bonus of being able to share responsibilities within the camping accommodation. When you travel to your holiday destination together you can share costs of petrol and you can all chip in for food and drink while you are there too, which can also help to bring down the cost of your camping holiday.

Independent Camping

As more and more people attempt to live a thrifty life, there have been a number of camping sites pop up throughout the UK. Many of  these are classed as glamping sites and offer more facilities than other camp sites – and have a larger price tag attached to them.

What you should do is check the area that you want to stay in and look for independent places to stay. There are different chains you can pick from for accommodation but these are often quite strict with rules and have larger marketing budgets etc, so need to charge more in order to make their  money back. Thankfully the internet makes it easy for you to research all of your accommodation options and find independent camp sites, which often charge much less for use of their site and facilities. They often are a little more flexible when it comes to rules of who can stay in a yurt or a camping pod too – so they are well worth checking out!

Take Your Sense of Adventure With You

Much like when you are at home, cooking for yourself is much cheaper than eating out or relying on take away food. What is even better is if there is a group of you and you can all chip in with the cooking and clearing away so that it doesn’t feel like much of a chore. Take with you big casserole dishes and old-fashioned slow cookers so that you can prepare a meal and leave it cooking for the day and not have to worry about watching over it the whole time. Things like beans, bacon and jacket potatoes are all really easy to cook and make lovely comfort food, especially if the weather is a little cooler.

Make Your Own Entertainment

There is no need to go out on expensive days out and to spend your time in the bar during the evenings. When you are camping you have the whole of the great outdoors to make use of. Why not pack up a picnic and go exploring? or simply sit around the camp fire and tell stories – you’ll be surprised at just how fast the time can pass when you all have stories to swap and share. There are loads of games you can play too – get on Google and look up camping stories if you need a little inspiration of what you can do with your time.

During the day you can encourage children to run around and have a good time in the outdoors. While you have all of that space at your fingertips why not make the most of it?

Shopping For Items

If you do need to shop for camping items then make sure that you that use voucher codes, promo codes and shop during the sales so that the items you buy don’t cost you anymore than you need to. Also shop around for food in supermarkets and take as many items of food with you that you can so that when you are there you spend as little as possible – which is the best way to have a camping holiday on a budget!