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Whey Protein is AMAZING!

Published: 6th of October 2014

I personally think whey protein powder is one of the wonder foods that everyone needs to know more about. It’s a muscle building, fat busting, immune helping, dessert munching food of the gods that demands more attention.


Why is Whey Protein Amazing?

There are lots of great reason why whey protein is amazing, and we’re going to cover all of them in a moment, but let’s first look at whey protein in a nutritional sense.

Whey protein is the great as a natural protein source because it contains the highest amount of Biologic Value. In a nutshell this means it is highly digestible and can get absorbed by your body quickly and easily, meaning it’s perfect as part of a balanced diet in combination with a workout routine.

Whey Protein is also an awesome source for Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) which is something your body doesn’t produce by itself and must be delivered from outside sources (your diet). Just over half of the amino acids in whey are these EAAs.

Locked and Loaded with BCAAs


Whey protein is the H-Bomb for Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and whey protein powder contains the greatest content of BCCAs of any natural protein source. If you’re looking for great BCCAs then whey protein is your lifelong good friend.

Valine, leucine and isoleucine are the three Essential Amino Acids that are vital for building and keeping muscle during a workout. After an intense training session the body starts to break down existing muscle for a method of releasing BCAAs for energy. Whey protein powder that is rich in BCAAs is a huge benefit as it provides what the body is looking for, which means it prevents muscle breakdown after the workout and promotes muscle growth during rest.

The Different Types of Whey Protein You’ll Find

protein types

Whey protein powder normally comes in these three different types which often tell you how ‘pure’ or how much useful protein content it contains.

Whey Protein Concentrate – This is the cheapest form of whey protein powder and it’s the cheapest because it contains the lowest protein content of the three. Typically you can expect to find between 60% to 89% protein content in this form. They rest of the content is normally made up of fat, lactose and peptides such as immunoglobulin and alpha-lactalbumin. If you’re going to buy this whey protein concentrate make sure you go for the higher end stuff which is around 90%.

Whey Protein Isolate – This form of protein usually contains a protein content of 90% to 95% pure protein with a small amount of lactose and fat that fills the rest. Sadly you’ll probably find the price goes up significantly from the concentrate version.

Whey Protein Hydroslate – This is the MAC DADDY of whey protein powder as it contains the highest amount possible of protein percentage per 100g. Yes, being a MAC DADDY it also means the price is the most expensive because quality nutrition doesn’t come cheap. It is commonly considered to be pre-digested (sounds nasty but it isn’t) but this is necessary for the body to be able to absorb the protein. It’s also considered to be the best form of protein by anyone who knows about bodybuilding and nutrition.

Ok, so we know a little now about why whey protein is important. Let’s look at what makes it a true super food for fitness and nutrition!

The Uses Of Whey Protein

Perfect For Post Workout

protein post workout

Whey protein makes the perfect post-workout protein shake because it’s a fast absorbing protein that is rich in Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). After a workout your body is craving protein and it’s essential that you provide good nutrition in this time period. Your body is looking for BCAAs in this time and will turn to existing muscle mass if you don’t give it what it needs. Whey protein is a perfect source for this and gets into the body quickly and easily. If you only have one whey protein shake per day, then after a workout is when you need it the most.

It’s Pretty Good at Snooze O’Clock

protein bedtime

Everyone knows that if you want to get big, lean and mean, you need a good source of protein (hey that rhymes too!) before you hit the sack and count the ZZZzzzzs. Sure, whey protein may not be the MOST PERFECT protein to have before bed, but it is the next best thing to a slow release bedtime protein shake.

If you just have whey protein to hand then mix a good sized scoop with a good helping of milk and gobble this down before going to bed. The milk will help slow the release of the protein and help with feeding the muscle growth while you rest. The milk also keeps it easy for the stomach so you sleep better. Remember, sleep is a HUGE part of fitness and bodybuilding, so a good source of protein while you sleep will help you get to your goals quickly and easily.

It’s A Perfect Mixer If You Need A Top-Up

protein topup

Let’s face it, most normal foods don’t often contain the perfect amount of protein for giving your body what it needs when you’ve been working your ass off! Whey protein is a perfect goto protein source when you need to give it a top-up.

Protein powder can easily be mixed in with certain foods to increase the protein content, or can be prepared as a simple side-shake to have with your meal. If you want to take it to level expert then why not make some whey protein desserts in form of pancakes, cookies and protein bars?

It Makes Perfect Snacks And Desserts

protein cookie

Whey protein powder is probably one of the most nutritious and darn right easy snacks to make on the planet! Not only is it really cheap but it fills the stomach with something that is low in fat, carbs and high in protein. And, you can pretty much make it so it comes in different shapes and sizes. It could be a quick shake, a protein muffin, protein pancakes and even bars.

There are lots of ways to eat this fitness wonder food, you just have to try and see what suits your lifestyle. Many times taking out your protein shaker on the train isn’t all that practical, but a protein cookie slips under the radar.

It Makes You Kryptonite Proof


Many studies have shown that the right nutrition (and the right balance of proteins in the body) significantly increase the immune system and generally makes you feel better for longer. Keep this as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle and you’ll be a lean, mean, cold busting, virus killing, big lifting running machine!

It’s Breakfast, A Super Quick and Easy Version On Wheels!

protein breakfast

If you’re like me then you know just how easy it is to make your breakfast with whey protein by your side. Personally the perfect breakfast comes in the form of 2 scoops of whey protein powder with 2 scoops of powdered oats. Bung that in a shaker with a good amount of water/milk and you’re laughing. If you can’t take it, add a little flavouring or Nesquik to the party. You can prepare, mix and consume your highly nutritious breakfast from start to finish in around 3 minutes. I’ve yet to find a better breakfast for this speed, price and protein content.

It Doesn’t Hang Around

protein toilet

Unlike most fats and carbohydrates, protein is simply ‘rejected’ out the other end once your body has all it needs. This is why it’s important to get a good source of protein at a constant supply when doing a workout routine. The more protein your body needs, the more it will take from your diet instead of breaking down your muscle. And this means you look fitter, and less fatter!

Whey protein is affordable!

Whey protein doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can often find a great number of deals to save you money on most of your supplements. We have a number of pages where you can find a Bodybuilding Warehouse discount code that will save you a nice amount when shopping at bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk. We also have a dedicated My Protein discount codes page if you like to shop at MyProtein (as they have REALLY cheap but good quality whey protein). Bulk Powders always have some awesome deals on Whey so give them a look along with Predator Nutrition.


That’s it, argument won, ‘nough said! Whey Protein is the wonder food and we all love it!

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