Cheapest Tesco Printers, Latest Deals for Printers and Wireless Printers

Tesco Printers are sold in-store but since Tesco Direct stopped selling printers we've made you a list of the best printers and wireless printers you can buy at other popular stores such as Argos, Currys, Very etc to help you out.

Do Tesco sell printers in store?

Yes you can buy Tesco printers in store and also get everything you need such as good quality printer paper, extra ink etc.

Does Tesco sell printer ink?

Yes! Probably all Tesco stores sell printer ink from the major manufactures like HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother.

Why do you find cheap printers at Tesco and why are some printers really cheap?

Quick answer: Because they make the vast majority of their profits selling the printer ink for the printers. Printer manufacturers are known for selling their printers at cost (or sometimes below) and make expensive printer ink that costs very little to produce.

What cheap Tesco printer would you recommend?

If you don't need a colour printer, then go for a laser printer. This will save you a HUGE amount of money and time in the long run as you don't have to worry about expensive inkjet printer cartridges that get messy and dry up. Yes, the toner cartridges cost more than double but these can last you for YEARS! I'm still using the same one that came with my printer and only used 25% so far, 3 years later!

Now you've got some good advice on Tesco printers, here are some great deals on Tesco printers you can find at other well known stores in the UK.