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Currys Tumble Dryer Deals

Currys are a perfect choice when looking for a Currys tumble dryer as they stock and have great cheap prices and deals on all the main types such as condenser tumble dryers, vented tumble dryers and tumble dryers with a heat pump. Currys give you the cheapest prices in the UK and also expert advice when either buying online at or in store.

Currys also currently have the best deals on condenser tumble dryers because they are strong partners with popular brands such as Bush, White Knight, Bosch, Beko and Zanussi to name just a few.

Ranges of Currys Tumble Dryers

Currys stock a wide range of different tumble dryers from traditional vented tumble dryers (where you need a large pipe leading outside through a wall or window), condenser tumble dryers (which collect the moisture for you so your room doesn't steam up) or heat pump tumble dryers (which collect the moisture and recycle the heat to save energy). These also come with top loading tumble dryers and more common front loading tumble dryers.

Currys for Small Tumble Dryers

The great thing about small tumble dryers is they are also quite a bit cheaper and Currys always has some great deals and discounts on small tumble dryers on their website and in store. Yes you have limited space but if you're just living alone or with a partner a small tumble dryer is just what you need. Perfect examples are a 3kg tumble dryers all the way up to 6kg tumble dryer. We recommend a small condenser tumble dryer if you live in a flat as you'll have limited venting options.

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Condenser Tumble Dryers use hot air to collect moisture in the clothing and then collects this into a medium size tank in the machine which you empty every few times. A very popular choice!

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Heat pump tumble dryers are very similar to condenser tumble dryers but are more efficient and recycles the energy collected. These normally aren't as quick at drying clothes compared to a condenser tumble dryer.