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LG CL88 XBOOM Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System - Black, Black

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Explosive sound Crank up the volume and put your music at the centre of your party, with the LG CL88 Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System. A gargantuan 2900 Watts of power means you won't find a spot in the room that isn't reached by crisp highs and thumping lows. A large subwoofer combines with the two speaker units, providing bass you can feel as well as well as hear. Made with durability and sound quality in mind, the LG CL88 is a robust system that excels at parties, in larger rooms and on the dancefloor. Add effects on the fly Take control of your music and get creative. The LG CL88 Hi-Fi System has a raft of DJ features including looping and sound effects. Edit that four-four beat as you go, add your own sounds and build the excitement for the next track. With phaser, delay, wah and more, you can put your own unique stamp on the music your guests love. And with the DJ app, you can control your sound from your smartphone on the other side of the room. Handy when you want to mix with your guests.Multicolour mood lighting The only thing that makes great party music even better is great lighting. Each speaker has LED lights that flash in time with the beat, taking the music to the next level.Karaoke mode Think you can sing it better than the original? With the press of a button you can move the vocal track from almost any tune, as well as adjust the pitch to suit your vocal range. Welcome to karaoke mode! Plug your microphone (sold separately) into the front of the system and start serenading. 

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