Oil Filled Radiator at B&Q, Tesco, Wickes, Homebase, Argos, ASDA, Screwfix July 2024

Last Updated: 15-04-2023 16:40


De'Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator - White
De'Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator - White
£60.01 (NEW)
£44.18 (USED)
Dimplex 2kW Oil filled radiator with electronic 24 hour timer, LCD screen, thermostat and 3 heat settings, X-078070, White
Dimplex 2kW Oil filled radiator with electronic 24 hour timer, LCD screen, thermostat and 3 heat settings, X-078070, White
£112.99 (NEW)
£67.25 (USED)

Oil Filled Radiators at Argos

Argos currently have around 20 oil filled radiators to choose from at Argos.co.uk and they start from as little as £25 and go to around £260. Use our list below to find the best Oil Filled Radiators Argos and best sure to read all the reviews. They stock brands such as De'Longi (including the De'Longi Dragon 4), Beldray, Dimpex, Challenge and a few more. Normally the higher to power (Kw) the more expensive so look at the size of the space you're trying to heat before you buy.

Oil Filled Radiator Heater

A Oil Filled Radiator Heater as a number of benefits when trying to heat your home or outbuilding. They produce a good amount of heat and retain that heat even when they are switched off or being used with a timer or thermostat. The price you pay per Kw is easy to workout and they are also easy to move from room to room. Sadly they do take a little time to heat up but this pays off quickly once the room is up to temperature.

Screwfix Oil Filled Radiators

A Oil Filled Radiator Screwfix is easy to buy and very easy to pickup due to their local pickup service. Currently they have around 30 different models of oil filed radiators at Screwfix at great low prices together with local pickup and delivery options. Be sure to read the reviews for the different brands they stock at Screwfix and these brands are Terma, TCP, Acova and Dimplex.

Dimplex Oil Filled Radiators

Dimplex oil filed radiators are both easy to buy and quite cheap considering their good performance. They have a wide range of models with timers and also panel types to make them a little thinner.

Oil Filled Radiators with Timer

If you're looking to preheat rooms then buying a oil filled radiator with timer is the perfect choice. Simply set the timer range and you're all set.


Tesco have a great range of Oil Filled Radiators but you can only buy these in store. Use our dedicated list and find an easier buying option as you can always trying and buy on your next visit to Tesco.


Asda normally have a few oil filled radiators to purchase from ASDA George or when you visit them in store.

Currys, B&M, Dunelm & Homebase

Currys have a small but good selection that can be low price depending on the time of year you purchase. B&M Bargains are great if you find a model in stock. Dunelm actually have a wide selection that you should definitely take a look at and Homebase are all year round good prices.